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        About Us

        Titan Wind Energy was founded in 2005 as a tower specialist with the largest manufacturing scale worldwide. The total asset values 5,000 million (USD$750million). In Dec, 2010, Titan was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock code 002531sz). Ever since its establishment of head quarter located in Taicang, it has founded 6 factories: Taicang factory、Zhuhai factory, Baotou factory, Taicang new offshore factory, Europe factory(Denmark).

        Titan is located at beautiful and fertile southern China, where is the departure place of Chinese great ancient navigator-Zheng he. The factory stands at 28 Ningbo East Road, in Taicang developing zone, Jiangsu province. The geographic location of Taicang is superior, which is 50 km away from Shanghai and 60km from Suzhou; 204 and Changjiang River highways are across this territory, connected to Huning and Hujia highways respectively. The Taicang port close to Titan is a sea terminal of 100,000 Tons vessel capacity, another port-Baoshan-is also just 40 km away from factory. In addition, Titan in Taicang owns extremely convenient transport condition-45 km from Hongqiao airport in Shanghai and 20 km from train station in Kunshan. In general, the factory is surrounded by highway connected wide roads, easy to truck cargoes.

        Titan gathered a large number of outstanding professional technical talents and managers, including steel structure experts with more than 20-year experience, national-level Class-1 certified structural engineers, internationally first-class welding engineers, structural engineers and NDT talents. Ever since its establishment, Titan has never ceased its pace in the exploration of techniques and processes. It has obtained dozens of national patents for its research results in wind tower design and manufacturing processes. With its world-class technology and equipment, Titan is now in the leading position in wind industry.

        In the past years, Titan has obtained the ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO18001, European EN1090 welding certificate, German DIN18800-7E level certification for the quality of steel products, ISO3834 certification for melted solder of metal materials, JIS Japanese Industrial Standard and other certifications. Due to which, Titan is highly evaluated at home and abroad.

        The leading manufacturing techniques, the first-class testing equipment and the strict quality management system together contribute to Titan’s strong competitive position internationally.  Since 2006, Titan has become a designated supplier to world major wind turbine generator vendors, such as GE, Vestas, Siemens, Gamesa, Suzlon, Repower and others .The towers are distributed to dozens of countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Romania, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Outer Mongolia and other parts of the world.

        Adhering to the philosophy of “keeping the same pace with wind power technology and green energy”, Titan has dedicated itself to premium quality and has become the leader in big towers manufacturing.

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