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        Titan Wind Energy Successfully listed in Shenzhen stock exchange Market


        Approved by the China securities regulatory commission, securities regulatory licensing [2010]1789, company publicly issue common stock RMB 5.2 million shares to the society, the issuing price is RMB 24.90 per share, collect capital amounts RMB 129.48 million, the actual collect capital net amount is RMB 122.68286 million, and on December 31, 2010, listed in Shenzhen stock exchange, stock abbreviation: Titan wind, stock code: 002531.

        Succeed in listing in our country securities market was an important milestone in the development history for Titan, marking the corporate governance structure and operating mechanism step on to a new level, and marking the new injected momentum for rapid development. The success listing of company will take positive and far-reaching effect on further consolidating company industry status, promoting the company's brand image, enhancing core competitiveness, promoting business scale and profitability continued growth, laying a solid foundation for the company's further development.


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