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        The foundation stone laying ceremony of 3MW and above offshore wind tower project

        Titan Suzhou New Energy technology Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Titan, was held a ceremonious foundation stone laying ceremony of 3MW and above offshore wind tower project in Economic and Technological Development Zone of Taicang port. Taicang municipal party committee secretary、mayor、committee of municipal party committee and other leaders attend this ceremony.

        Titan is headquartered in Taicang, with four factories located in Taicang, Lianyungang, Shenyang and Baotou. The chairman in his speech said, Titan  Suzhou New Energy technology Ltd. has registered capital 40 million, will be an important platform for Titan to advance to offshore Wind power equipment manufacturing area, and becoming the first offshore wind power tower professional production base of Titan. The initial investment of “3MW and above offshore wind tower project” and “R&d center project” will focus on the emerging Offshore wind power industry, depending on the convenient conditions and advantages of large equipment transportation in Taicang port, fully bring the technical and market advantages in the wind tower area, strive to build a offshore wind power tower production base in well-equipped technology、World leading technology and International first-class quality. The completion of the project will produce a positive effect on promoting the brand and industry status of Titan and the development of offshore wind tower industry.



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