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        Titan Wind Energy successfully exported wind towers for Siemens


        Recently, 12 sets of 2.3MW wind towers produced by Titan Wind Energy have all green-tagged by Siemens and successfully delivered according to the original plan. Now, the towers are on their way to Thailand.

        Siemens, as the well-known wind power total solution provider, enjoys a large share of global market with its advanced offshore technology. It has strict vetting procedures for selecting its qualified suppliers. This February, Titan Wind successfully won the first purchase order from Siemens after a series of rigorous examination over the quality system, EHS, and production capacity. Relying on the leading technical elites and management advantages, 

        The whole batch of Siemens towers were highly evaluated by Siemens and his customers as well.

        The production of 2.3MW towers was the mainstream products in Siemens matching with its wind turbines. The successful delivery marks that the production systems and products quality in Titan(Lianyungang) is in line with Siemens requirements totally, and indicates a further cooperation between Titan and Siemens.



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